HDPE Special Drainage Fittings

HDPE Special Drainage Fittings

Akatherm Partnership

Akatherm HDPE has a high temperature and chemical resistance which makes it ideal for drainage in residential housing, commercial kitchens and laundries. It is flexible and tough for installation underground and embedded in concrete. Its closed system is perfect for trade waste applications like industrial and laboratory fluids where system integrity and secure homogenous connections are critical.

Driven by developments

Because skyscrapers are designed evermore extreme, a single stack soil and waste system offers you the possibility to aim higher. Today, whether a consultant or installer, you need drainage solutions capable of responding to the commercial challenges faced by your clients.

The drive for more:


End users gain more useable space inside the building because the vent pipe is obsolete.

Freedom of design

End users gain more useable space inside the building because the vent pipe is obsolete.

Cost efficiency

Material and installation costs are reduced through low weight, the vent pipe being obsolete and prefabricated pipe segments.

The challenge of commercial demands and facts

These particular challenges can only be overcome by a specialist drainage solution. Akatherm helps you meet these demands with confidence.

Akatherm offers more than just a high-rise drainage system. Like every specialist drainage solution from Akatherm, it comes with a comprehensive level of support.

All our systems are backed by dedicated software, full training and unique products, plus the service standards you would expect from high performance drainage experts and the worldwide backing of the Aliaxis group.

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