HDPE Pipes for Soil & Waste

HDPE Pipes for Soil & Waste


Akatherm – Hebeish Group HDPE drainage solution has a high temperature and chemical resistance, which makes it ideal for drainage in residential housing, commercial kitchens and laundries. It is flexible and tough for installation underground and embedded in concrete. Its closed system is perfect for trade waste applications like industrial and laboratory fluids where system integrity and secure homogenous connections are critical.


HDPE drainage, soil and vent pipes & Fittings are of grade PE 80. Pipes are locally produced by October for Plastic Pipes, member of Hebeish Group, and fittings are imported from Akatherm, Netherlands by Hebeish For Engineering Works, member of Hebeish Group.

Application Purpose

For all drainage pipes

Heat and impact resistant
UV resistant

Pipe Dimensions

d 1 s e A cm2 kg/m
32 12.5 3.0 8.12 0.27
40 12.5 3.0 9.10 0.36
50 12.5 3.0 15.20 0.45
56 12.5 3.0 19.60 0.51
63 12.5 3.0 25.50 0.58
75 12.5 3.0 37.40 0.70
90 12.5 3.5 54.10 0.98
110 12.5 4.2 80.70 1.43
125 12.5 4.8 104.20 1.85
160 12.5 6.2 170.10 3.04
200 12.5 7.7 267.64 4.69
250 12.5 9.6 418.37 7.30
315 12.5 12.1 664.17 11.60

*Manufactured according to EN 1519

*PE Straight lined pipe ( SDR 26 )

*Pipe Length 5 or 6 meters. 


Because skyscrapers are designed evermore extreme, a single stack soil and waste system offers you the possibility to aim higher. Today, whether as a consultant or an installer, you need drainage solutions capable of responding to the commercial challenges faced by your clients.

The drive for more:


End users gain more useable space inside the building because the vent pipe is obsolete.


Material and installation costs are reduced through low weight, the vent pipe being obsolete and prefabricated pipe segments.



Akavent Aerator


Akatherm – Hebeish HDPE is a versatile thermoplastic polymer with many performance benefits. The overall toughness, flexibility and impact resistance make it an ideal pipe system for even the most demanding applications. Akatherm HDPE offers a choice of welded and mechanical jointing techniques. Homogeneously welded joints offer great reliability making them ideal for vertical stacks, underground pipework, trade waste and other critical applications. When flexibility is required a wide variety of mechanical joints are available to allow for adjustability, flexibility, fast installation and the options to demount and inspect.


Jointing technique Product Welded – Mechanical Dull – Tight Dismountable
Electrofusion Welded Yes No
 Butt – Welded Welded Yes No
 Screw Coupler  Mechanical  Yes  Yes
 Snap Socket    Mechanical  Yes  No
Plug – in Socket Mechanical No Yes
Flanges Mechanical Yes Yes
 Contraction – Joint Mechanical No No
Expansion Socket Mechanical No Yes

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