HDPE Manholes & Chamber

HDPE Manholes & Chamber

Hebeish Group produces polyethylene manholes, the most trouble-free manholes for a long service life. Polyethylene is tough! This toughness means fewer potential leaks and longer life. Lightweight polyethylene manholes are easy to install. Smaller pieces of equipment can be used to position these manholes. Inlets and outlets are welding to assure leak free points.


Hebeish HDPE manholes are fabricated to fulfill all sight needs. HDPE Manholes have a lot of special features that could be summarised in the below points:

  • Light weight and easy to install.
  • HDPE manholes offers a widerange of chemical resistance to acids, bases, and many organic compounds
  • Inlets and outlets are positioned, custom made each as customer request
  • HDPE manholes can be connected to HDPE solid wall pipes, double wall corrugated pipes & PVC pipes
  • HDPE ladders can be fabricated inside the HDPE manhole when requested.

HDPE Manholes & Chamber Products Line

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