Electrofusion Machines

Electrofusion Machines

The electro socket welding machine of the latest generation for the welding of pipes and fittings of all kind.

WIDOS ESI 4000 is equipped with a mature inversion technology. The device is absolutely appropriate for the building site due to the approved WIDOS technology and convinces with a weight of only 12 kg.

The VA protective frame not only protects the welding machine against damages, it also serves as a handle and aid for winding the welding and power supply cables. Both cables have a length of minimum 4 meters and can be provided in other lengths on request.

The barcode reading pen is quickly replaceable by a protected plug connection and secured against falling down by a leather bag. The serial authorization card and an adaptor plug for the most common fittings are stored in a detachable side pocket. This pocket disposes of sufficient space for further accessories, e. g. manual scraper.

The welding data entry is effected by barcode reading pen, manual entry of the numerics on the fitting or by authorizing via the master card and free entry of the welding parameters (Volts and welding time) with only four keys on the device. The two-lined display is brightly illuminated and well readable as well as temperature compensated from -10°C up to +60°C.

Additionally, the device can be activated on remote controlled basis by the user in the trench resp. in direct proximity to the welding connection. The welding data is stored in the RAM resp. external memory and can later be read out by WICON 2000 (same software as with SPA 600 and CNC 3.0) or directly printed from the device.

The ESI 4000 is delivered in either a transport box (wood) or in a high quality transport and storage case (aluminum).

Advantages of the WIDOS ESI 4000

  • Mature inversion technology
  • Easy handling with low weight (12 kg)
  • Absolutely appropriate for the building site, on location it is possible to weld pipes out of PE and PP with all current fitting types
  • Bright display
  • Temperature compensated from -10°C up to +60°C
  • The device can be activated on remote controlled basis by the user
  • Welding data can be read out via WICON 2000 and printed directly at the device


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