WIDOS Maxiplast (OD 50 to OD 160)

WIDOS Maxiplast (OD 50 to OD 160)

Butt-welding machine with heating element for the workshop, building site and installation.

Mobile machine for the heating element butt welding of pipes and fittings made out of polyolefins of the dimensions OD 50 to OD 160. The solid basic machine has two aluminium clamping tools swivelling each for 15° for the fabrication of segmented bends.

By using different reducer inserts of a small, large or extra-large type, all clamping options can be realized. For fittings with extremely short legs, solid steel clamping tools in small version are available.

The solid base with ball-beared guidings, spindle and power input damped by springs enables quick movements for short change-over times as well as a soft pressure build-up.

Due to the compact and solid design, the machine is ideally suitable for the usage at places with difficult access under on-site conditions. For the stationary usage, an additional basement is available which enables to use the machine as table-set.

The solid planer (230 V/400 W) with electric drive has been optimized with respect to a most simple handling. The electronically controlled heating element (230 V/800 W) has an anti-stick coating of high quality, an external mains switch and control lamps for interval checking. The exact temperature control meets all requirements of DVS 2208.

For the safe storage of heating element and planer, a solid and easily portable heat protected box is available. The complete machine can be transported and stored in a transport case with additional compartments for all reducer inserts.

Also available: versions in 110 V, °F or with lbs-force-display.

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