Delta 200M (Ø 63 ÷ 200 mm)

Delta 200M (Ø 63 ÷ 200 mm)

DELTA 200 M is a manual butt fusion welding machine used for pipes up to Ø 200 mm (6″ DISP). Leading particulars are the restricted weight, minimum overall dimensions and versatility.


Product features:
– A machine body, two clamps

– An  electric milling cutter (that can be extracted) provided with a safety micro-switch

– A heating plate that can be extracted (with an independent thermometer to see the real working temperature

– An electronic thermo-regulator “Digital Dragon” with display)

– A locking device clamps aligner that aids the operator in applying the required welding force.

The Digital Dragon is an high precision electronic thermo-regulator (± 1° C accuracy) with digital display and regulating buttons. This new system includes Led indicators to help check if the machine is working normally (live tension and working temperature), as well as contingent analysis failures and/or temperature irregularities.


– Clamps’ inserts from Ø 63 to 180 mm;  2″ ÷ 6″ IPS; 3″ ÷ 6″ DIPS
– Lateral support
– Trolley for machine transportation and support
– Rollers


Technical features:

Materials HDPE/PP
Working range Ø 63 ÷ 200 mm
Power supply 110 V – 230 V Single phase 50/60 Hz
Total absorbed power 3000 w
Working temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Outside temperature range -10° ÷ 40° C
Weight machine body 30 Kg
Dimension 529 x 499 x 1100 mm
20.8″ x 19.6″ x 43.3″

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