Delta 1600 (Ø 800 ÷ 1600 mm)

Delta 1600 (Ø 800 ÷ 1600 mm)

DELTA 1600 is a self-aligning welding machine with hydraulic clamps suitable for welding HDPE pressure pipes for the transport of water and other fluids, up to Ø 1600 mm. The DELTA 1600 is designed in accordance to International standards (UNI 10565, ISO 12176-1). The DELTA 1600 can weld various fittings including elbows, tees, branches and flange necks.


Product features:

– Robust machine body made of steel
– Steel hydraulic clamping
– Automatic detaching device of heating plate
– Raised platform deck for perfect monitoring of fusion process
– Easy to operate control panel
– INSPECTOR data logger compatible
– On board hydraulic control gearcase
– Pressure adjustment and pressure release valves for easy operations
– Hydraulically controller facer with safety microswitch
– Teflon coated heating plate with indipendent thermometer


– Hydraulic pipe lift rollers
– 4 wheeled trolley with extendable levellers for stabilization
– THE INSPECTOR data logging
– Steel inserts
– Electrical crane


Technical features:

Materials HDPE/PP
Working range Ø 800 ÷ 1600 mm
Power supply 400 V Three phase 50/60 Hz
Total absorbed power 45000 W
Working temperature 180° ÷ 280° C
Pressure working range 0 ÷ 150 bar
Weight only body machines 4800 Kg
Dimension 3550x2400X2550 mm

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