Inspection Chamber

High Density Polyethylene inspection chambers are fabricated customized to fulfill all sights demands.  All HDPE inspection chambers are round shaped with a variety of diameters.  The lengths of the inspection chambers are customized as the sights needs.

Inner Diameter Thickness
50 cm 2.7 cm
60 cm 2.7 cm

HDPE Inspection Chambers Advantages

  • Hebeish inspection chambers are HDPE one piece chambers that are easy and quick to install.
  • When combined with HDPE pipes it guarantee a leak free system due to the advanced welding technology that makes the whole system one piece.
  • There is no need for extra joints or quoting.
  • Hebeish’s chambers can be adjusted if there is a need to add a new line in case of future expansion and still guarantee no leakage.
  • Hebeish’s chambers can be adjusted on site in case the occurrence of any change in planes.
  • Hebeish’s chambers will increase job site efficiency and offer many cost saving benefits.

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