The Experience

The Experience

Hebeish Group Experience

Hebeish Group of companies is a family business that was established in 1964 by Abel Messieh Hebeish.  Our fist subsidary was A. Hebeish & Sons with its core business in trading

In 1985 we started plastic manufacturing, which is our current core business, Hebeish was the 1st manufactures for full plastic hoses systems in Egypt, introducing to the market its second subsidary Hebeish Establishment For Industries.

In 1995 we decided to expand our plastic production and enter the thermoplastic field. Our production for thermoplastic is focused on High Density Polyethylene pipes & Fittings

Hebeish Group was awarded a patent for manufacturing HDPE spiral pipe  for gravity application with diameter up to 2500 mm introducing Hebeish For Engineering Works as one of it’s subsidiaries.

Furthermore in 2000, we extended our production through our third subsidiary  Techno Plast  to produce pressure pipes .

Our last expansion was in 2004 with an opening of a new factory October For Plastic pipes, where we started producing a very wide range of HDPE pipes for several application.

Including under ground cable protection with a wide range of segmented fittings & manholes, importing the fusion machines to become a group that provide full HDPE Piping solution