Fiber Optic Protection

Fiber Optic Protection

With the fast growing demands of network today, the High Density Polyethylene Microduct allows for a more economic and advantageous method for optic fiber installation, through better utilization of space within existing ducts.  HDPE Microduct pipes have a silicon inner surface and are typically small-diameter, flexible, or semi-flexible. They are designed to provide clean, continuous, low-friction paths for placing optical cables that have relatively low pulling tension limits.

Inner Core Variations

Silicon Smooth-Core Silicon Ribbed-Core


The Silicon® material used for the inner layer ensures easy installation of cables due to its low coefficient of friction. As a result, no lubricants are required. To further reduce friction, pipes may be supplied with a ribbed core.




Product 1- way 2-way 4-way 7-way 24 -way
Outer Diameter 5mm up to 63mm 5mm up to 20mm 5mm up to 20mm 5mm up to 20mm 5mm up to 7mm
Standard Sizes (OD/ID) 5/3.5 12/8 16/12 5/3.5 12/8 16/12 5/3.5 12/8 16/12 5/3.5 12/8 16/12 5/3.5 7/3.5
7/3.5 12/10 16/14 7/3.5 12/10 16/1 7/3.5 12/10 16/14 7/3.5 12/10 12/10
10/6 14/10 20/16 10/6 14/10 20/16 10/6 14/10 20/16 10/6 14/10 20/16
10/8 14/12 10/8 14/12 10/8 14/12 10/8 14/12



Product may be supplied in a wide range of colors. The color[s] of the MicroDuct is assigned according to the EIA 598 Standard or as per customer’s request.



Direct Bury (DB)  
Direct Install (DI)  
Direct Buried products are generally thick-walled and of heavier construction
Their thick sheath serves as a strong and protective external surface, enabling them to endure crush loads thus allowing for their direct laying into the ground.

Direct Bury Sizes for Microducts
OD (mm) ID (mm)
7 3.5
10 6
12 8
14 10
16 12
20 16
Direct Install products are thin-walled and of lighter construction.
Ducts require installation into another outer protective duct to avoid direct exposure and damage of ducts.

Direct Install Sizes for Microducts
OD (mm) ID (mm)
5 3.5
10 8
12 10
14 12
16 14


  • Low cost and more efficient
  • Quick re-routing of fibers to meet customers demand
  • Fast installation
  • Allows for maintenance
  • Easy upgradable network


  • Ducts are delivered in coils of 50 – 100 meters
  • Microducts are delivered on a wooden drum


October for Plastic Pipes, a subsidiary of Hebeish Group, is a sole distributor of accessories produced by Camozzi, in Italy. We provide a wide range of sizes of connectors and end caps.


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